Privacy policy of Happy Janitorial Services LCC



The privacy policy of Happy Janitorial Services LCC is addressed collectively as, us, we and Happy Janitorial Services LCC and our privacy policies. . In which we describe the disclosure of your privacy, and what services you can use, and also will describe what law protects you.

We will use your data to provide you with better services and make improvements in our services. By using the service you have to agree with our privacy policy so we can use your data.

What personal information do we collect:

We collect your personal information, which is directly or indirectly related to your households, different devices that are not publicly shown. We also collect non-identifying information and relate it to your personal information so it identifies individual privacy.

The following type of information may be collected:
Identification information:
It includes your name, residence address, ID card number, IP address, and other governmental identification codes.

Customer records:

It includes your previous records of services or products you have purchased before.

Financial Information:

It includes your bank account information

Pin location:

It includes your geolocation information

Why do we collect this information:

We collect all information that is described above for the purposes that are written below:

  • To allow you to create an account with us, so you can register yourself.
  • For the process of payment, of the service that you select.
  • To send you notifications and messages about maintenance and up-gradation of the site that includes products or services.
  • It will enable you to provide us with your reviews, and suggestions.
  • It will also make it easy for the company to get the bills and payments easily.

When and how we will share your information:

We only share your personal information for the affiliates, service providers, legal matters safety, assets, and with the consent (when you will allow us to share the information)

Use of cookies and other technologies:

When you visit our website we will use cookies or other technologies to get the minimum information about your account at the moment.

Cookies are used to store a small amount of information about your account, that is obtained by the webserver.
Cookies can also be used for other reasons as well including, zero limitation, remembering you and your preferences, and following your visits to our web pages. They also help us to detect certain kinds of sharp practices.

California Policy Rights:

The CCPA empowers California residents with the right without the involvement of third-party data sales, the right to be informed of data collection and rights, the right to have collected data disclosed or deleted, and the right to equal services and prices.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us for more information, or via email.