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High-Quality Nursing Home Cleaning

Nursing homes are essential for caring for our community’s elderly. As a result, we want to do all possible to maintain them clean and safe. Hiring a nursing home cleaning service is a terrific approach to do this. You can always hire our company to serve the purpose.

At Happy Janitorial Services LLC, we aim to offer you high-quality cleaning services at a reasonable price. Every time we visit your facility, we want to ensure you get consistent nursing home cleaning with a personal touch. We constantly strive to do our best work, and we hope that this shows in our service to you.

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Customized Cleaning and Disinfecting Services

Our janitors have all the essential tools and supplies to make your facility free of contaminants and germs and we love what we do for you!

Nursing Home Cleaning and Disinfection Checklist

-Disinfecting light switches and doorknobs.
-Clean all doors, including polishing kickplates and glass.
-Office cleaning and disinfection, including spraying lyson.
-All baseboards and railings wiped and disinfected
-Refilling soap dispenser and restock paper utilities.
-Taking the trash out and changing the trashbags diving biohazard from common trash.
-Clean and Disinfect medical equipment: wheelchairs, IV poles, and blood pressure cuffs.
-Apply highly stringent cleaning and disinfecting procedures to prevent the spread of germs & bacteria.

Keep Patients And Staff Healthy With Our Cleaning Services

One of the most significant reasons to employ a nursing home cleaning service is to ensure the health of the patients and staff. Because of their age and overall health, the residents are likely to have weakened immune systems and pre-existing illnesses.

As a result, you must do all possible to keep potentially hazardous germs and bacteria away. It’s also crucial to keep the personnel healthy because they’re the ones that look after the residents and are in close proximity to them on a regular basis. Hiring a nursing home cleaning service may assist in ensuring that the nursing home is a safe and healthy place to work and live.

We understand these aspects very keenly. Therefore we offer personalized assistance for nursing home cleaning services in all central states of America.

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See what our happy clients have to say about us!

Let’s see what our valued clients have to say about our nursing home cleaning and disinfecting services.

“I hired them on the recommendation of my friend’s suugestion. Well, his recommendation was very right. I am very pleased with your work. Keep the good work up.”


Client, Happy Janitors

“Good job guys, thanks for making my nursing home more welcoming and comfortable for me, my staff, and the elders we take care of. Really satisfied with your cleaning work! “

Harry Gerald

Client, Happy Janitors

“Well, I won’t say they are extraordinary, but their work is satisfactory. Very reasonable pricing and staff are well-trained. I recommend them for affordable cleaning.“

Gloria A.

Client, Happy Janitors

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Lets see what people are asking about our nursing home cleaning services.

What are the duties of a Janitor in a nursing home?

Cleaning chemicals and disinfectants that are used to clean patient rooms, offices, waiting spaces, and surgical areas. Moreover, infection-control rules dictate that floors, furniture, and equipment, be cleaned and sanitized.

Why is professional nursing home cleaning important?

When you appoint a professional cleaning service for your nursing home, you free up your regular employees to focus on their primary responsibilities. This allows them to focus all of their efforts on caring for the elderly and ensuring that their medical, sanitary, and other requirements are satisfied.

Does Happy janitorial offer customized cleaning services?

Yes, without a doubt! Please contact us right away, speak in detail about your requirements, and we will provide you with customized nursing home cleaning solutions accordingly.

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